Location: Work from Home or Office

BioWorld MedTech, owned by Clarivate Analytics, is the most respected news source for the med-tech industry. BioWorld MedTech delivers actionable intelligence on the most innovative medical device and diagnostics development across the globe. With writers and editors stationed around the world, BioWorld MedTech reports the breaking news ‑ and provides key perspective ‑ on hundreds of medical products in development, the companies behind those device and diagnostics, the business development transactions that evolve the market, and the regulatory hurdles that both challenge and guard the process. Daily news coverage includes:

* Med-tech product development from early to late stage

* Strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions

* Corporate financings, both public and private

* Med-tech company advancements and setbacks

* Scientific milestones

* Global regulatory updates

* Profiles of new med-tech company innovators

A staff writer reports on medical device development from a variety of angles, including business, finance, scientific, health care and regulatory perspectives. Each day the writer participates in daily news discussions with the entire BioWorld MedTech staff and is then assigned a story plus brief news items due later in the day. Additional duties include contributions to weekly publications, social media efforts including the blog, and series or in-depth analyses

Additional skills to win the job:

* A strong familiarity with the med-tech industry.

* The ability to understand complex issues – such as clinical and business financings and write about them in a way that is clear to readers.

* The ability to put the news in context by using archives and databases to provide background perspective on any given news event.

* A willingness to get along well not only with co-workers, but with sources in the med-tech industry.

* Capable of juggling multiple tasks and switching gears quickly, as needed.

* Use sources, interviews, analyst and market reports, in-house data and other journalistic tools to develop, report, and write exclusive articles related to medical technology that include perspective, analysis and data.

* Work with the editor in the development of daily and in-depth project ideas and series.

* Help the editor guide, mentor, and collaborate with freelance reporters.

* Help the editor disseminate work using social media

* Assist the editor with news gathering.

* Deliver copy that is clean of spelling, grammar and organization problems.

* Assist with editing duties.


* A bachelor's degree in journalism or another relevant degree-related sciences

* At least 5-10 years of work experience writing daily news with a focus on business, health and/or medical science

* Must have a strong working knowledge of the health care market

* Strong written and verbal communication skills required

* Must be able to take initiative and work independently

* Ability to interview sources and write quickly

* Attend and cover conferences. Use those occasions to network and develop source/customer relationships.