Full Time

Join Our Growing Team!!

Create recurring income for yourself from contracts that you sign up- for the length of the contract!

Looking for highly motivated sales professionals that want to make commissions and "build a book of business" of B2B corporate sales with multi-year/ recurring contracts.

Occly LLC offers workforce safety, management and efficiency tools. We lease our state of the art, proprietary wearables along with our enterprise software across a number of industries including security, utility, construction, real estate, transportation and more.

We can assign you to an industry, or you can solicit one that you have contacts in and have had prior experience in. We comply with security and safety requirements in all industries we service. This is a remote/work from home opportunity with great potential.

Key Job Duties:

· Contact and communicate product and service benefits to potential new customers. Follow up and lead

customer through sales process and assist with on boarding of new clients. We supply the leads or you

are free to provide your own with management's approval.

· Maintain customer relationship during contract.

· Meet customer satisfaction, company efficiency metrics and targets while building customer loyalty

and take advantage of sales opportunities when deemed appropriate.

· Project a professional company image through phone and email interactions.

· Recognize, document and alert supervisors of trends in customer calls.

· Uphold high customer service per company standards.

· Perform other job-related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to you from time to time by the

Company and/or your supervisor/manager i.e., to process calls and/or emails to service customers

when call demand dictates


We will train you in all aspects of our technology and services, explaining our value propositions and sales points. We will provide you with all required sales materials. We will on board you and assist you with initial calls. Senior staff will help you with potential customer questions and provide support and assist you in closing accounts. Our goal is for new sales staff to be qualified to begin independently after two to three two(2) hour training sessions.

We also meet weekly (virtually) with each sales agent to review progress, performance and to provide assistance and guidance. Senior staff is always available to provide assistance and support to our sales team.

This is a Full Time position. Must be available Monday through Friday during general business hours to make calls. Will average 50+ customer calls per day plus follow up calls as needed. Must be available to respond to call backs in a timely manner.

· Professional phone sales experience required.

· Dedicated LinkedIn Profile reflecting this position is mandatory.

· Military or experience in the security or safety industries is a plus, not required.

· Excellent communication and relationship building skills.

· Technical capability to use and manage Bluetooth devices on both Android and IOS hardware.

Understanding and ability to use a CRM, WebEx, Microsoft Suite of programs and other commonly

used software and hardware.

· Time management and dedication.

· Excellent organizational skills and goal oriented.

· Strong desire to be part of a team achieving personal and company financial goals.

· Regular and reliable attendance is an essential function of this opportunity. We are not

seeking transient employees. We desire successful team members that will work with us

for a long time and build a strong book of business, maintain and nurture it. We strive to

leverage the power of the internet and technology to build the most successful sales force


Home Office Requirements:

· You must provide a work space that is free from noise and/or distraction and possess a computer (PC)

with minimum requirements of Windows 7+ and headset for VOIP calls. NO APPLE/IOS.

· Ability to maintain the required internet speed of at least 25 Mbps (download) and five (5) (upload) to

support voice traffic and HTTPS we traffic using hard wired Ethernet internet connection (no WiFi)

Recurring Income/Compensation Structure:

The majority of compensation is commission based. Base salary of $24,000 (F/T) per year will be based on call volume. This position is for individuals that have the resources and time to dedicate to this effort with the reward of a significant recurring income going forward.

Fees are paid for initial customer web presentations with you, the customer and senior staff at $50 per meeting. Easily schedule two to four meetings per day.

Commissions: For deals that you close and customers that you sign on, contracts range from $500 to $10,000+ per month. We pay between 4% and 25% dependent on client contract pricing.

If you are an above average producer: Within year one to two, your income can potentially exceed $100,000 per year.