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Augur is an open-source, decentralized prediction marketplatform where users can trade on the outcome of future events. Theoutcome of those events is determined by Augur' decentralizedoracle, where the community uses the crypto token Reputation (REP)to report and dispute event outcomes.

By combining the magic of prediction markets with the power of adecentralized network, we're able to create a stunningly accurateforecasting tool that can be used by anyone in the world. Read moreabout Augur' mission here.

Augur is built from the ground up to be owned and operated bythe people that use it. This is a technical reality enabled by theEthereum blockchain and open source software. The ForecastFoundation, a small team of 15 who are the primary developers,designers, and maintainers of the Augur protocol, is a globallydistributed not-for-profit entity.

The Role

This is a remote, full-time position for a mid-level ProductDesigner with a heavy emphasis on visual design.

As the second designer on our small team, you'll be essential togrowing and shaping a product that' currently in its first phaseof life. With the original design now out in the wild (as of MVPlaunch in July 2018), we're getting the feedback we need to beginiterating and refining the design based on actual use. This meansthat there' a lot of redesign work to be done, along with thedesign of feature additions.

You'll be working side by side with the lead designer andproduct manager to turn feature requirements into beautiful, usableinterfaces. Sometimes this will mean taking a wireframe orprototype and applying visual design, and sometimes it will meanunderstanding the requirements and brainstorming solutions yourselfprior to the visual design phase. You'll also be interfacing withthe engineering team to provide day-to-day support on visual designquestions as they begin implementing features.

There are plenty of challenges on which to hone your designskills, including adapting to the unique constraints presented by adecentralized system. You will need patience for this role, as wellas enthusiasm for complexity, because there is a definite learningcurve. But we're right there with you: we'll help you develop anunderstanding of decentralized systems and the Augur platform, aswell as growing your design skills under the lead designer'mentorship.


- Optimize and iterate on new product solutions based on feedbackfrom the product manager and lead designer. You should know when toapply either quick sketches, wireframes, or high fidelityprototypes and user flows to communicate your ideas.
- Work closely with engineering and product to find elegant butpractical solutions to design challenges.
- Able to think long and short-term to meet the constraints of acontinuous release process while iterating towards our futurevision.
- Contribute to and maintain the design system that we'recurrently building.


- Strong, clean visual design sense.
- Good typography and layout skills to handle complex and highvolume data (like a trading interface) across web and mobile.
- Comfortable working on a remote team and able to self-manageyour time.
- Excited by decentralized apps and at least some experience withcryptocurrency.
- An understanding of or desire to understand trading.


- 2-5 years of experience.
- Based in the Eastern or Mountain time zones.
- Experience working closely with engineers in a tech-ledenvironment.
- Understanding of what makes a great user experience.
- Sketch/Figma, Framer, or another high fidelity prototypingtool. We're always updating our design workflow and happy to addnew tools to the process.

What We Offer:

- Competitive USD + token-based compensation
- Medical/Dental Insurance
- Flat hierarchy and open communication
- Unlimited PTO
- Expenses like conferences, coworking space, books, etc.
- Work and non-work focused trips to various parts of theworld
- Flexible working hours. As long as you have a good amount ofoverlap with the team members you need to communicate with, you canmanage your working hours as you like.