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United States or Canada

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I am an experienced founder based in New York City who just completed the UI/UX for a new type of niche social/dating app I'll be launching called POMPUR. I'm looking to hire a highly experienced Swift iOS mobile developer to code the POMPUR app for iOS from end to end from scratch using my design files and highly detailed storyboards.

Please read the 9 items below for more details on the job. When sending in your application for the job please also include your written answers/thoughts on the 9 items below. Feel free to email me your answers/thoughts at jobs@pompur.com if the job board you are reading this on won't let you submit written answers along with your resume for any reason. Your written answers/thoughts to these 9 items will be considered a major part of your interview.

  1. You will be programing the frontend in Swift (I can consider React Native on a case by case basis, but will more than likely be going with Swift because I understand Swift is better for highly design oriented apps like mine). Please let me know how many years of Swift experience you have. Please also let me know how many different Swift apps you have worked on.

  2. I'd like the backend programed using Firebase, Node.js or a combination of the two. It is ideal if you can program both the backend and the frontend entirely yourself. If you can only program the frontend, it would be ideal if you can bring on an additional developer you have worked with before to program the backend. With all this in mind, please let me know if you will be programing the backend yourself or will need to have another developer to do it.

  3. The design files were made in Sketch. You can program directly from the Sketch files OR I can have the Sketch files uploaded to Zeplin.io according and you can program from Zeplin.io. Aside from being a design handoff tool, I understand Zeplin.io has some pretty powerful tools/plugins for generating some (obviously not all) of the app's rudimentary frontend code. I have no experience using these Zeplin.io code generation tools/plugins, but hear they are great and I'm totally fine with you using them if you think they will give high quality results. Overall, I want to use whichever option (Sketch vs. Zeplin vs. Zeplin’s code generator) will give the final app the most pixel perfect design match to my original design files.

  4. Regarding the UX, I have extremely detailed storyboards showing virtually every user case scenario you can imagine (even very boring things like what happens if a user forgets their password). I went into such detail with these storyboards so that you will not have to make any UX decisions on the fly while programing. Hopefully not having to make any UX decisions on the fly will make programing as simple/straightforward for you as possible. I have some mild desktop C# programing experience myself (nothing to do with mobile or Xamarin) so see how not having to make any UX decisions while coding can be very helpful to a developer. I’m realizing now that item 4 is not actually a question, but just something I am pointing out. Please still acknowledged you have read and are fully comfortable with what I am saying in item 4.

  5. From a pure engineering/functionality POV, the app is pretty similar to Tinder (of course there are some key additional features you will find out about when you review my designs). With that in mind, it is ideal if you feel you can code a "basic" clone of Tinder (including the backend) in 100-160 hours of work or less. I can consider applicants who feel it will take them more than 160 hours of work to do this on a case-by-case basis. By "basic" I just mean the basic functionality end-users of Tinder are aware of while using Tinder, not any advanced/proprietary backend functionality Tinder may have behind the scenes that end users are not aware of (such as artificial intelligence matching, advanced/proprietary advertising targeting and so on). By "basic" I also mean it has to be bug free. "BASIC" DOES NOT MEAN IT CAN CONTAIN BUGS!:) THE WORD "MVP" DOES NOT MEAN IT CAN CONTAIN BUGS EITHER!:) Speed to market (without sacrificing code quality of course) is very important to me. In your response please mention how many hours of work you think making the above-mentioned Tinder clone would take you.

  6. Please send links to any live iOS apps you are proud of whose CURRENT version you worked on. Please also explain what your role was exactly on the CURRENT version. I'm ideally looking to test out an app whose CURRENT version was programed 100% by you. (Please also explain any known issues/bugs I should be aware of while I test the apps you send.)

  7. Please send your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. If possible, please also send any additional online profiles you have that you feel will help me understand your programming skills and who you are overall (such as a Github profile, Stack Exchange profile and/or even a Twitter account).

  8. You must be based in the USA or Canada. In your response please let me know what country and state (or provence) you are located in.

  9. You will be working remotely plus on a part-time, freelance and contract basis. We will break the entire project up into separate milestones and each milestone will have its own budget. The budget for each milestone can be based on your hourly fee or a flat fee, whichever you prefer. Please acknowledge you are comfortable working in this fashion.

Lastly, I am only looking to work with the best of the best developers out there and pay will reflect this accordingly. Please feel free to click this link https://bit.ly/2XLscdg for more information on my background. Thanks and I look forward to building a masterpiece with you!