Part Time

Position Type: PART-TIME Compensation : cash with the opportunity to participate in the Company&39;s Equity Incentive Plan. Location : Remote position (U.S or anywhere in the world) Website:  https://zeshion.com Job Summary Do you notice the color palette of an advertisement? When you see a Photoshopped image, do you immediately see the flaws? If your eye is drawn to digital details and you are creatively inspired, you may have what it takes to work in our graphic design department. As a graphic designer, you can put your eye for design to use and create beautiful images and compelling marketing content. We rely on graphic designers to create the visual front of our company, and we value their contributions highly. If you are seeking a position where you can apply your graphic design expertise and join a supportive global team, we welcome you to submit your resume and an accompanying application. Job Responsibilities 1. Collaborate with fellow graphic designers and other departments to brainstorm ideas and develop new approaches to creating innovative and expressive graphics for the company. 2. Design beautiful, interesting and effective graphics that are impressive and emphasize the company and the product at hand. 3. Strategize designs that will elicit a positive response, communicate important ideas and share company values with viewers. 4. Organize campaigns that utilize stunning graphics to create a positive impression of the company while promoting increased visibility. 5. Develop goals relating to the performance of final products, including viewership metrics and market response. 6. Integrate company values into design work in order to effectively demonstrate the nature of the company and attract customers on an ideological basis. 7. Consult with management to ensure designs adhere to company standards, express desired ideas and represent products accurately. 8. Innovate new and exciting visual designs that capture the target market&39;s attention and sell them on essential aspects of the product. Job Skills & Qualifications Required Bachelor&39;s degree or higher in graphic design and/or creative field; Proficiency in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; Excellent written and verbal communication skills; Minimum of two (2) years&39; experience in graphic design. Languages: English, Spanish (or both).   Preferred Ability to multitask Certification in graphic design skills