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Bid Ops is scaling the first procurement software that conducts automated negotiations. Our system utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize savings for businesses. We serve businesses globally with our cloud based system. We aim to streamline highly complex processes to deliver better user experiences.

We believe in always trying to do things a better way, continually adding more advanced technologies and capacities to our portfolio, and giving our employees the space and opportunity to learn and grow in whatever ways they choose.

We are at an exciting stage of early growth in our team. As a result, we are able to give the right candidate the opportunity to own frontend implementation in a lean and agile shop utilizing the latest and modern tools and frameworks.

Technologies and tools we use:

React, Ruby, Rails, Node, VSCode,

HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript,

Github, Heroku, Webpack, GraphQL, Service Workers

An ideal candidate:

3-5+ years of experience using HTML, CSS, and styling various kinds of applications for the web.

2-5 +years of experience being able to take wireframes or mockups and converting them into clean and semantic HTML and CSS with a focus on responsive design.

1-5+ years of experience using Javascript to write Single-Page-Applications with modern web technologies and frameworks like React, Angular, etc. -- experience with PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) ideal

2-5 years of experience with using Git for source control using Github.

Some experience with API calls desired, but not necessary.

Is able to work independently on projects with creativity and passion.

Is able to own various visual aspects of a web application.


We are a remote-first team (with an office presence in Atlanta and San Francisco).

We are highly supportive of flexible work hours.

Modern development and CI/CD practices.

Generous 401k matching and healthcare plans.