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We are sorry, but this job listing has expired.

Are you up for the opportunity of growing in one of the fastest-growing industry- e-Commerce?

We are on the hunt for high performers anywhere in the world who love surpassing lofty revenue goals and self-development as much as we do.

If you are someone who loves to win and looking to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic and fun-loving team, then keep reading... This could be the position and team that you've been looking for.

Your Opportunity:

  • Pick and choose products and selling strategies to ensure maximum profitability. Work will include creating and editing product listings, evaluating selling prices vs. buying costs, creating and executing sales and marketing strategies, among other things.
  • You'll participate in deciding the best course of action on what we sell (product selection), where we sell it (channel selection), and how we market (which strategies to use) to achieve maximum profitability. Fun stuff if you're into trading and market arbitrage. =)
  • Explore the profitability of new product lines and make sales forecasts. Work will include performing product analysis by researching historical sales data, evaluating marketplace competitiveness, and comparing against product costs to forecast profitability and make decisions.
  • Work together with the rest of the team to continually drive sales revenue and increase profitability by finding ways to improve team metrics such as total sales revenue, gross profit %, and average order value.

How You are:

Self-starter, self-manager: We are looking for someone who takes initiative, anticipates needs, and gets stuff done consistently on time. We don't micromanage here - you'll be allowed to work autonomously to achieve goals.

High follow-through, Responsive, and Decisive: Being a small team that moves fast, you'll need to be highly responsive in communication with the rest of the team (instant message, email, Skype). Though management is always available to resolve complex or sensitive problems, we want someone comfortable making mid-level decisions and judgment calls. Demonstrating your resourcefulness, creativity, and taking the initiative to solve problems is highly desirable.

Grace and poise under pressure: In a high-growth business, things are always changing, and there are times when things get intense. We pride ourselves on being able to function at a high level even when things get busy by working together as a team and communicating effectively. Details matter.

Highly productive: You're fast on a computer (50WPM or higher and you know what hot-keys are). You're always looking to optimize, automate, or find new ways to apply leverage in your life - especially with the use of technology.

Curious but Careful: You are investigative by nature. You're curious about how things work and like 'looking under the hood' and inspecting things. You do this to gain understanding, allowing you to make better decisions and manage risk.

Competitive: You are a competitor, even if it's just with yourself. You are creative and enjoy gamifying (Yes, this is a word!) work and every-day challenges just for the heck of it. You hate losing but understand that with each loss comes a lesson.

Positive attitude: You have a can-do spirit, are fun to be around, don't complain, make excuses, or gossip. You are open-minded and adaptable because we constantly push each other to improve and become better. You possess high integrity, the capacity to learn quickly, and high intrinsic motivation. We can teach you the rest.

What you need:

  • At least 2 years in sales & marketing and (or) merchandising
  • At least 2 years of experience in online marketing activities: E-commerce, affiliate, high- performance agency (or in-house) work.
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Excell
  • Experience with product research and forecasting sales velocity and profitability
  • Passion for learning about marketing, sales, and building a winning team.

Will be valued:

  • Experienced working in the online retail industry or retail industry
  • Experienced working/playing in a team setting, ex: football, soccer, professional e-sport
  • Experienced with utilizing software like Seller Cloud, Price Guard, Informed, AppEagle
  • Knowledge of gardening is a plus
  • You read books or listen to audiobooks

Benefits of joining our team:

  • You can live and work wherever you want
  • We love investing in knowledge and seeing our team members grow. You will have the opportunity to level up your game personally and professionally. (Think webinars, online courses, book, mentor training)
  • Performance Bonus