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Position: DevOps Engineer - xLabs Group
Location: Remote but will need to work Eastern Time hours
Duration: 3 months

Experience required: Needs to have experience with Docker - Jenkins - GitLab - Deep Integration

Job Description
We are seeking a DevOps consultant to help with maturing our internal CI/CD build-farm based on Jenkins, Docker, Docker Swarm, with deep integration with GitLab. This team member will be a critical fifth member of our geographically distributed core CI/CD team to help cover the infrastructure operations and Linux system administration automation software. This role will mature an existing Docker based automated infrastructure provisioning system.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable with infrastructure operations based on OneCloud (aka vCD), know how to work with Docker files, setup basic Operations and system monitoring tools, provision Jenkins slaves, troubleshoot Jenkins servers, and assist with DevOps work w.r.t developing Declarative Pipelines in Jenkins DSL.

The most effective candidate will be comfortable with communications via Slack (chat) and Zoom (video conference).

The role will be successful if:

  • the dual-master Jenkins we operate can automatically fail over and recover unattended
  • our build farm remains within SLA through our heaviest release cycle
  • our build containers stay up-to-date with changing dev-test needs through our release cycles

Initial Tasks

  • finding and replacing VM that are too small to handle our build workloads
  • diagnosing build faults and finding infrastructure problems causing spurious build failures
  • creating automation for monitoring the VM in our build environment and advising when we will need to increase or decrease the CPU, Memory, and Storage resources for the build farm (the automation should assist with this)
  • You will be developing & refactoring Docker containers that host our jenkins master and worker node configurations
  • Author Groovy Scripts to run in Jenkins Jobs to handle routine automated tasks
  • Researching new ways to provision worker nodes and restrict their use to specific jobs and job categories
  • Managing GitLab mirrors, accounts, and automations
  • Integrating Jenkins with Review Board
  • Validating and verifying Jenkins upgrades and plugin upgrades do not break our current build configuration
  • Manage partially automated Jenkins-master fail-over and migration … and complete the automation of this migration system.
  • Evaluate our Jenkins environment versus a hosted Jenkins environment and assist in migration to that new build environment. (Contributing the fail-over system to the hosting provider as Open Source)

Basic Qualifications

  • Strong practical Linux systems administration skills in a Cloud or Virtualized environment.
  • Strong practical knowledge of how to work with Docker file, Make, and Bash, and container layers.
  • Experience building highly automated infrastructure.
  • Working knowledge of Git and Merge-Requests
  • Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with Groovy Scripting and Groovy DSL
  • Working knowledge of Jenkins, Jenkins Pipelines, and Jenkins Worker Node troubleshooting
  • Familiarity with application & infrastructure monitoring tools, application performance management tools and familiarity with operational analytics
  • Experience migrating & deploying application of containers and managing applications with container management platforms
  • Experience with seamless/automated build scripts used for release management across all environments.
  • Experience with GitLab or GitHub
  • Experience with build farms

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Mounika Gupta
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- provided by Dice Needs to have experience with Docker Jenkins GitLab Deep Integration