Harvard Square Institute for Educational Innovation
Full Time

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HSIEI is a children's educational startup currently seeking exceptionally creative candidates that are passionate about joining the Creative & Product Development team. The ideal candidate is thrilled at the idea of joining our team's mission to make a global impact in education and early childhood development through our proprietary tools and resources. This role is remote/virtual and can be located anywhere in the United States.

Does this sound like you?

You have a passion for teaching, learning, and creativity. You are focused on action items, executing the steps necessary to bring an idea to life. Naturally communicative, motivated, and adaptable, you are hyper-independent while also able to communicate and collaborate with a very tight-knit team of multi-talented people. You have a knack for teaching and design, not only from years of experience, but also from your innate ability. You have a proven ability to think strategically, with a balance of being a 'do-er' and a 'dreamer.'

Role Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Write and create original content across a wide range of projects, including educational descriptions, games, stories, etc.

• Review existing products and materials, identify areas for design improvement, able to create action plans and execute them

• Research specific topics as needed, and synthesize the information into readable and easily digestible information for general consumption by parents and teachers

• Work in conjunction with Executive Creative Director and Software Design Team to implement creative elements into product development, preparing necessary pre-production content elements

• Weave teaching objectives and content into original children's stories

• Create and write instructions, video scripts, and layout shot lists

• Understands and follows company policies and requirements related to health, safety and security

• 5 or more years of teaching/instructional experience with students in the 0-8 year age range

• Exceptional writing skills

• Versatile - can wear many different hats, willing to tackle any project

• Creative - capable of creating instructional activities and games from scratch

• Resourceful - able to learn on the go, research topics and write summaries

• Collaborative - with the rest of the team, especially when everyone is remote/virtual

• Independent - self-plans and able to work quickly with minimal supervision

• Passionate - about what you're doing and deeply caring about the quality of your work

• Dependable - able to consistently meet deadlines and exceed expectations

• Problem solver, communicator, original thinker, and strong team player

• Track record of teaching, creating, and/or presenting original content

• Highly proficient computer skills with video conferencing, spreadsheets, word processing, etc.

• Bachelor's Degree or higher

• Strong pluses, but not required:

o Familiar with photography, video and other creative mediums

o Experience running paid social media campaigns

o Mandarin language skills, as many of our products are destined for the Chinese market

• If you don't fit the description above perfectly, but are highly confident you can do the job, we're happy for you to apply and try to convince us. We believe good people can do almost anything!

About us:

HSIEI is a technology company specializing in early childhood development. We partner with parents, teachers and doctors to provide a complete system to help children develop to the maximum of their potential.

All aspects of our work embody creativity, imagination, play, and developing each child's joy for learning.

Our core belief is a child best improves when parents or primary caregivers play a direct part in the child's development, especially during the critical early childhood years. With this belief constantly in our minds, every product we create and develop considers how the parent will interact with the child while using our software and products. Not only do we want to help every child, we also want to prepare parents so they can help their children better.

We're a passionate team dedicated to creating products that can help transform how families, teachers, and health care providers help children. While maximizing early childhood development can be daunting at first, we feel it doesn't have to be. We believe children are more likely to develop a joy for learning if they play, smile, and feel cared for as they begin exploring their world, fostering creativity, imagination and curiosity. We create software and products that help children of all ages learn more, learn faster, and learn better, utilizing technology, innovative methods and techniques.

Everything we create is designed considering the interaction of parent and child while using our products. We want the experience to be as enjoyable, meaningful and effective as possible, for both parent and child.

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About our team members:

We're a startup company, which means we need and have a different mentality than large corporations. Everyone has the following in common:

• We like innovative thinking - it's in our name!

• We like people who are brave enough to share their ideas.

• We like to support each other and take our ideas from conception to reality.

• We like people who have a CAN DO attitude - clock watchers need not apply.

• We like to have fun, we like to laugh, at each other and ourselves.

• We like to work smart AND work hard.

• We like to win, as a team - the ONLY way to win!