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Cyan, Inc. (makers of some of the most well-known adventure games of all time, including Myst, Riven, and Obduction) is hiring!
We are looking for an experienced 3D Environment Artist who is highly collaborative, communicative, and self-motivated. The successful candidate will be responsible for producing raw assets, developing polished game spaces, and maintaining a high level of quality throughout. 3D Generalists with proven excellence using Unreal Engine 4 are preferred.
Most Artist opportunities at Cyan are preferred to be full-time, in-studio positions. We will only consider remote/contract work for the most exceptional candidates.
Position Responsibilities:Produce game artwork including but not limited to: High/Low poly modeling (3DSMax, Zbrush, etc), UV unwrapping & manipulation, Texture baking, Texture map authoring (Photoshop, Substance Designer, etc), Modular scene assembly, Lighting, LOD/Optimization, and all other aspects of game art production.Work independently, under the guidance of the studio Creative Director, to develop game spaces from initial concept to finished shipping product.Collaborate with other members of the Art, Programming, and QA teams to help make the workflow as efficient and productive as possible.Learn & utilize custom toolsets and workflows specific to the requirements of the project.Maintain flexibility and a positive attitude while working on a wide range of tasks.Contribute to the overall success of the project with creative ideas, as well as providing intelligent feedback for improving the gameplay, production process enhancements, and the custom toolset.Informally mentor/advise other art team members (as the need arises).Take ownership of assets/areas produced, and make revisions as necessary.Be conscious of production schedules, and be responsible for meeting milestone deadlines.
Essential Requirements:Advanced proficiency in 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop.Fluency in modern game-art production methodology and techniques.Strong visual eye for composition, lighting, and detail/polish.Ability to work with minimal direction, take initiative, and adapt to evolving project needs.Excellent communication skills, both in person and written (email & chat).Responsive, timely communication.
Ideal Candidate Qualifications:Proven Unreal Engine expertise.Previously shipped commercial game titles on multiple platforms.Familiarity with SVN (or similar revision control systems).Previous experience in Adventure, Puzzle, and/or First Person game development.
NO FILE ATTACHMENTS WILL BE REVIEWED! Please provide all relevant portfolio work and resume/CV documents in easily-accessible web-based resources. (Websites, online portfolios, embedded YouTube videos, etc.). Applicants without a link to their portfolio/website WILL NOT be considered.
Please visit for more information, and apply via the linked form.